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 Robert H.Orr - Professional Inspector     
TREC License #7342

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 Estate Commission's Consumer Protection Notice.

RHOco Real Estate Inspection Testimonials

"I manage a real estate investment and brokerage firm so I see lots of inspections. My husband and I have made several personal investments in Corpus Christi and we use RHOco Real Estate Inspection for all of our inspections. Bob Orr is extremely reliable and professional and provides very thorough reports that are easy to understand. Using RHOco gives us peace of mind because I always know what I am buying. I would highly recommend using RHOco for your personal and business needs."
 - Kim and Randy S., Dallas, TX

"I've used Bob for several inspections and always found his work to be exceptional quality in terms of his thoroughness and attention to detail. Moreover, he spends as much time as I need to going over all inspection results and explaining everything in plain language. I continue to use Bob's services because he is a true professional."
 - Matt B., Redlands, CA

"When I saw the house that I wanted, RHOco Real Estate Inspection's Bob Orr was hired to do the inspection of my prospective new home. I knew I wanted it! During Bob's inspection, his thoroughness and attention-to-detail found flaws that could easily have been overlooked. Without his candor, and straight talk, I would have taken possession of a home with hidden damage needing repairs. He saved me money I would have to spend if it were not for his professionalism! If I ever buy another home in this area, I'll go to Bob Orr for my home inspection. I trust him."
 - Robert T., Flour Bluff, TX

“We provide home maintenance and remodeling services for new home buyers or sellers. Having a complete and comprehensive inspection report is critical for our work. Bob has a reputation on the island as a knowledgeable and very diligent inspector. We find working with Bob easy and his work to be above reproach.”
 - Steve F., Corpus Christi, TX

A realtor from Rockport, TX wrote, “My husband and I were just reading over the report you did for 1905 Cochran and he commented on how good your reports are. I told him, yeah, I think so too. Just wanted you to know we appreciate your quality work and finished product.”
 - Serena F., Rockport, TX

"Purchasing a 70-year-old house always raises concerns. Bob gave it a thorough inspection that will help guide me as I upgrade several items to bring this house back to its original beauty. Thanks, Bob."
 - Marshall C., Corpus Christi, TX

Cynthia sent us a card, she wrote: "Thank you so much for all your help and advice. Stephanie enjoyed cleaning the pool after you left on Tuesday. Your coaching really helped. We will be in touch when we get to Padre. Thank you again."
 - Cynthia J., Corpus Christi, TX

The R.’s sent us a card too, they wrote, "Thank you very much for the very thorough inspection you performed for us on the house in Taft. We were especially grateful for your willingness to “suit up” and crawl around outside in the rain. Our realtor Ann Cressy thinks very highly of you and you showed us why. Thank You!"
  - The R. Family, Taft, TX
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